In 1986 Jean-Pierre Kohler joined "La Pipe d'Argile" when Gilles Marcoux decided to concentrate on blown glass. He contributes to the expansion of the workshop by taking part in the development of new glazes and their firing, marketing the production and business management.

A bit forgotten in North America since the arrival of industrial manufactured goods, the artisanal pottery recovers a new era of prosperity in the Sixties. In Québec, mainly in the areas of the Eastern Townships and in Charlevoix, certain well inspired potters gave a new look to artisanal pottery.

Today, the consumer rediscovers the values of artisanal pottery, recognizing a refined artistic product where the ancestral know-how is combined with contemporary artistic values and high technology.

At  "La Pipe d'Argile" workshop, all our customers are ensured to obtain an original product of high quality, resulting from long experience and constant research.

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